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Holzkontor und Pelletierwerk Schwedt GmbH (HPS) was founded in 2006 as a pure industrial pellet factory. Today we manufacture premium and industrial wood pellets for professional and private market and distribute them throughout Europe. Our production capacity allows us to produce approximately 120.000 tons of pellets annually. The good geographical position in the industrial area of the PCK refinery with proximity to the inland port of Schwedt and the seaport of Szczecin is advantageous for the logistics and distribution of pellets to European receivers.

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First and foremost we want to sell a good product that will satisfy our customers. For this reason our pellets are manufactured under high quality standards and are in 100 percent of natural and sustainable wood. We distinguish our finished products in two qualities: ENplus A1 certified pellets and industrial pellets. ENplus A1 pellets are mostly used at home and due to their high quality ensure a trouble-free heating operation.

Industrial pellets have a little higher ash content and an insignificantly lower calorific value. They are mainly used in large fire installations such as power plants but also by semi-professional users who are generating heat and power for they own needs.



Our commitment to quality begins with the quality control of feedstock. The content of each delivery is thoroughly examined for important parameters. During production process the most important parameters of pellets are being constantly examined in company own laboratory. Comparative samples for each production batch are being taken and sent to SGS Institut Fresenius in Berlin for double check and more detailed inspection. If requested we can provide you with the latest reports.


HPS orders its raw materials exclusively from the region, in Germany the large furniture and woodworking industry and in neighbouring Poland from numerous small sawmills, and only from controlled sources in accordance with sustainability criteria of the PEFC and SBP. Sustainability and thus environmental protection are very important to us. Not only we do want to protect nature indirectly, by selling an organic product, but also through environmentally friendly and efficient production procedures.

Sustainability also requires more efficient and economical use of energy. That’s why HPS has made a commitment to always improve its energy efficiency, as evidenced by the ISO 50001 certificate. Our pellets are produced not only from sustainable and undisputed raw materials but also in an efficient way.
PEFC Certificate
SBP Certificate
SBP: Supply Base Report (EN)
SBP: Commitment Declaration on RED II
Certificate ISO 50001

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